Solidified Desire #1

Solidified Desire #1 (ongoing series)


When I travel I often notice that a lot of places, where human creation is clearly present, feel like man doesn't matter. Those places look like they are patiently waiting for an other destination. Especially in and around hotels. But also in peoples gardens, rooms, touristic places etc... Human life comes in only a few moments. Most of the time it's a matter of desolation, silence, emptiness. 

Over time the human factor in these places is losing power. People then often attempt to make something of it again. Getting a grip again. Marking existence. But it seems that time and the original character, the nature of the place itself, takes over anyway. In the end, man always loses the battle with nature. What remains, the buildings, materials, things e.g., is what I call 'solidified desire'; It seems like lava.

I consider the efforts of us human being to get a grip, create and shape our own lives, as a heroic struggle. A Don Quixote-battle against windmills. Although we deeply know that we know we will never win, we keep on working. And we even create myths and identities in our mind. Those who don't mostly drop out, it's a sort of backbone of society.

For me this is an inspiring issuee. Although deep down I know that life, and even the world is perishable, I also continue to make the best of it and I am looking for meaning in the things around me. That is why I am a photographer.

Erik van Cuyk, Arnhem, 2019

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