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Proud to get the '2019 GOOD BOOK AWARD'!

Bijgewerkt op: 17 mrt. 2020

A jury of members of Design Platform Arnhem (OPA) and Center of Architecture Arnhem (CASA) has selected the Rijnwijk book for the 'A Good Book 2019' award.

In the past year I have had quite a success with my debut publication 'Rijnwijk Mijn Wijk'. The photo album about a slum in my city Arnhem. Even across the border, this local photo project was picked up (France, United States, United Kingdom and Marokko). Nevertheless, I think I am most proud of the 'A Good Book 2019' award presented by the Arnhem design platform (OPA) And center for architecture (CASA). The reputable 'guild' of Arnhem designers and modern architects has greatly appreciated my work and I really like that!

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