Waterworld (ongoing series)

A lot of urban places feel like man doesn't matter at all. Just waiting patiently. The place melts with the moment. It's just there, pureness, a silent force, an elementary power. Over time the human factor lose's power. The original character, the nature of the place itself, takes over.


With the increasing threat of climate change this relation between human and nature seems to get more clear and visible. To me it appears as a 'Don Quichot-like' fight; we, human, keep on going but in the end, we surely will lose the battle. We know it but we keep going on.

For me this is an inspiring issue. Although deep down I know that life, the world, is perishable, I also continue to make the best of it and I am looking for meaning in the things around me. That is why

I am a photographer.

Erik van Cuyk, 2019

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