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International Photo Festival Leiden 2020

Come and see my work at this great festival in Leiden (NL). I feel honored to be one of the selected photographers!

The fifth edition of the International Photo Festival Leiden (IPFL) takes place from 9 to 17 May 2020. For ten days, the Cultuurkwartier (Cultural Quarter) Leiden is entirely dedicated to the world of photography, with the Lammermarkt as its pulsating heart. In addition to the various indoor and outdoor exhibitions, the festival offers a versatile and high-quality fringe program.

The International Photo Festival Leiden (IPFL) offers emerging European photographers a stage in the first phase of their professional career. The IPFL creates an international platform with a high visibility and advertising value. The photographers show their work and get into contact with a broad and international photography-loving audience.

The IPFL is an initiative of the Foundation for Talented Photographers, which was founded in 2013, and takes place every other year. The festival is based on two pillars: photo competition and festival.

Photography by Erik van Cuyk form Arnhem at international photofestival Leiden

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