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Playground 2020 at Naarden Photofestival

This summer my series about skaters, BMXers, freerunners and freestyle footballers is exhibited at the Dutch Photofestival Naarden (july 3 - aug 29).

'With the diptych project PLAYGROUND2020, photographer Erik van Cuyk has photographed approximately 100 Dutch skaters, BMX riders, freerunners and freestyle football players with a self-built outdoor studio. Classic ‘Rembrandt-light’-portraits of young people who seek out public space. Also during the lockdown in corona year. From 'Groningen to Goes' under bicycle tunnels and railway bridges, Van Cuyk captured the strength and the vulnerablity of the young generation. For each portrait he took a photo of the 'spot' where the person portrayed likes to be or which says something about her or him.'

The series are exposed at the International Photofestival Naarden 21 from july 3 – aug 29. Also shown in the national newspaper 'NRC’ click here.

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